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Sustainability and Recycle

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Looking after our planet

Steel is also one of the worlds most recycled materials.

Steel is 100 percent recyclable, which can be recycled into the same material of the same quality and standard over and over again. It can be continually recycled without losing any of its quality.

The majority of steel products and objects aren’t made of new steel. They are made of recycled steel. This means its more sustainable, aids regeneration, and all in all helps us to look after the planet and our environment.

Due to the strength of steel its extremely durable – You don’t need a lot to do the job. Its impact on the environment is fairly minimal.

Little energy is used to produce it and any waste it produces alongside this is reusable.

Its also not a toxic product and so isnt toxic to humans or the environment.

Did you know that over 2 million people work in the Steel Industry worldwide?

From steel workers, factory staff, office staff and many more the steel industry is an ever growing trade, employing more and more individuals daily. This is important to keep the trade moving, people in work and employee retention. Steel provides universally valued employment, training and development.

SSAB Sustainability Expedition

SSAB Sustainable Operations

All of our steel comes from high quality steel mills which is important to us as a stockist and supplier. One of our supply chain partners SSAB, provides the best quality steel available on the market for durability and longevity. As well as this their sustainable values are forward thinking with great ideas for the planet and the future of steel which has great positives for USP as a business.

Their steel process improves general productivity, yield and product quality. SSAB LASER for example comes with guaranteed flatness of 3 mm/m, both before and after laser cutting. Laser cutting paths can be shared and small diameter holes and narrow slots can be cut with high precision, allowing to increase yield and reduce scrap by up to 30%. This reduces cost due to less scrap etc. but this makes for a minimal environmental impact.

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