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As the UK’s leading sheet and plate stockist and supplier, we are dedicated to offering premium products and services to our customers. Our unique relationship with United Group provides access to an impressive range of innovative processing equipment, allowing us to process sheets for a range of widths and thicknesses from 0.40mm to 20.00mm.


Our decoiling lines boast the most advanced precision levelling in the UK, capable of handling very high strength steels and resulting is substantially reduced residual stress in sheet and plates up to 20.00mm in thickness.

Heavy decoiling range Light decoiling range
Gauge (mm) 3.0 to 20.00 0.40 to 4.00
Widths (mm) 900 to 2010 300 to 1600
Length (mm) 10000 200 to 6000
Tensile strength ≤780Mpa ≤510Mpa
Max weight (kg) 30000 30000
Coil I.D. (mm) 460 to 860 480 to 750

Shearing and blanking

In addition to our decoiling lines, we also have seven machines for shearing and blanking from 0.60mm to 16.0mm and up to 9000mm in length.

Our shearing and blanking lines offer exacting tolerances for many precision applications and bespoke packaging including full metal wrapping and palletising.

Shearing and blanking range
Gauge (mm) 0.60 to 16.00
Widths (mm) 60 to 600
Max length (mm) 9000


If you have an enquiry or want more information about our pre-and post-process storage or cost reductions for larger packs, simply call us on 01384 408 325.

Since using USP Steels we have improved quality to our customers by providing laser cut parts with better cut edge and surface quality. We have also reduced our manufacturing waste due to operating on more consistent, flatter materials.

FC Laser
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